Hello Internet!

I am Taran, a Junior Linux Systems Administrator and I have been using Linux for the last 6 years. I first started with Slackware Linux and then shifted to Ubuntu some years ago. I love trying Linux distributions and I am currently using Elementary OS on my personal computer.

At work, I deal mostly with RedHat and CentOS servers in a mostly virtualized environment (more than 3000 servers on AWS, VMWare, OVH and Azure). To be honest, it does not really feel like work since I love operating Linux servers. I have created this site so as to share my passion for the Linux distributions and the cool things I learn. I want people to have control on their computers rather than  big companies controlling the computers they have bought.

I am fond of scripting to automate tasks and let servers do the job for me 🙂 !

I am a free software advocate and I am strongly against surveillance operating systems and social networks. I would be glad to help you out if you are starting to use a Linux distro. Get your distro and stay tuned!